Modern Technology, Efficient Systems and Procedures, Trained Full-Service Agents.


The expertise traditional agents offer—without the decades of inefficiency the traditional process can create. We’ve created an environment that brings out the best in agents because they are free of the administrative tasks that get in the way.


Lower fees doesn’t mean lesser service.
EFFICIENCY means lower fees and HIGHER service.
Higher volume means more experience.
More experience means better agents.


Provide full-time professional, full-service real estate services as a client service dedicated team. Driven by a core group with a passion for real estate, our experienced agents and sales coordinators provide you with thousands of dollars in savings.

Real estate agents, teams and those just beginning their career.

You will be supported by a team comprised of management and team associates who want and will help you succeed.
Our philosophy is to build strength through mutual benefit.

We’re a technology-powered real estate brokerage on a mission to empower agents while providing the highest level of service to all our agents and clients. Our agent-centric cloud based brokerage model allows our associates and brokers to build their own businesses and careers by working, training and collaborating together.


For New Agents or those desiring to join our successful team and concentrate on buyers and sellers and leave everything else to us.



In-house, licensed Brokers write and manage all of the contracts within the hour, with full transaction administration with

Modern CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to Manage leads and stay organized with free best on market software.

Media Supplies

Professional Business cards, lock boxes, signs, website, marketing brochures, hangers, postcards, etc. provided free.

Broker Support

Full support of an experienced team of Brokers who always have your back.


Verified Buyers and Listings leads at no cost to agents

No Hidden Costs

No Hidden Costs, No E&O fees, No marketing fees, No desk fees, No monthly fees.




Resources, tools and collaboration to provide you the information to succeed.


We provide both “hands on” mentoring, shadowing and extensive online training to help you succeed at our ever growing training.

What We’re Looking For…

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